Backup & Disaster recovery

We will tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly.

Backup & Disaster recovery

We will tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly, be the emphasis testing and development, back up and disaster recovery – or all-encompassing. We provide every aspect of the solution – from the hardware to the management layer. Our solutions are designed to save you money and time whilst enhancing connectivity, reliability and of course, security.

Virtual Private Server
Host everything you need in one robust Server.
Hybrid Cloud
Secure as a Private Cloud, Scalable as Public Cloud.
Disaster Recovery on Cloud
Allows for storing and recovering system data on a remote cloud-based platform.

dedicated 24-7 Support

We can help you work smarter and safer with our cost-effective co-location services. Keeping up with demand through constant purchase and management of yet more devices and hardware is a burden you can leave to us, allowing you to get back to running your business and being there for your clients. We’ll be there for you, with our dedicated 24-7 year-round support.

Keeping company data safe and enabling your users to access it irrespective of their location and device is a given for any progressive organisation.

Cloud backup services

FLR Technology can deploy back up solutions irrespective of the makeup of your IT environment, whether it be on-site hardware, hybrid or a full cloud solution.

FLR Technology provides cloud back up services offering flexibility, high speed, reliable performance and large amounts of disk space and bandwidth.

Your data is highly secure as FLR Technology provides industry recognised accredited encryption 256-bit AES encryption at source and at rest, and 128-bit AES encryption.

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