Data Centre Hosted Services

We can implement needed services within disaster recovery or work around a previously installed infrastructure.

Data Centre Hosted Services

Alternatively, you could just be looking to reduce the burden on your servers and resources. Consequently, an externally managed data facility can help provide the backup, security, and storage you need, delivering the benefits of both worlds.

Identifying which types of data centre services a vendor offers can be tricky because the industry doesn’t have a standard terminology. Some organisations even lump their cloud computing services in with their data centre services, which can make things confusing.

  • Cabling and Connectivity Services
  • Cloud Resiliency Application and IT Discovery
  • Data Center Consolidation and Relocation
  • Data Center Design and Construction
  • Data Center Strategy

FLR Technology delivers secure connectivity, hosted services, co-location and disaster recovery data services through the investment and establishment of our tier 3 data centre. We help you stay connected and keep your IT running whether your primary IT is hosted or on-premises, our failover capabilities mean you can automate the services to a secondary site for minimum downtime and elimination of business disruption.

Our data centre offers high levels of site and server security resilience and a carefully controlled environment to optimise server performance, minimise costs and provide 24/7 functionality.

Maybe you need to operate a business model with isolated hardware and security? Perhaps you are regulated and require physical separation? Whatever the reason for needing a dedicated server solution, we can help. Let us take care of the day-to-day hassle of maintaining, managing and updating your server and systems. Our hosting specialists will make sure your dedicated server is tailored and optimised to meet the unique demands of your business.

We will install the latest hardware, take care of the OS patching, provide round the clock proactive monitoring and protect your data with our range of fully customisable and dedicated servers. You’ll benefit from complete control, high performance and email stability, all backed by our dedicated support team. We run the most demanding of applications with the peace of mind that you have the hardware that’s up to the challenge. As always, we aim to provide you with a fully bespoke and tailored service, and our dedicated server solutions can be built to fit your business model, whatever your requirements.

Co-location of dedicated resources such as your telecommunications and data storage has several benefits; security, flexibility and seamless integration with existing infrastructure are all things you can expect from our co-location services. We will tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly, be the emphasis testing and development, back up and disaster recovery – or all-encompassing. We provide every aspect of the solution – from the hardware to the management layer. Our solutions are here to save your money and time whilst enhancing connectivity, reliability and of course, security.

We can help you work smarter and safer with our cost-effective co-location services. Keeping up with demand through constant purchase and management of more devices and hardware is a burden you can leave to us, allowing you to get back to running your business and being there for your clients. We’ll be there for you, with our dedicated 24-7 year-round support.

Efficiency and economy are core goals for most businesses. If you’re looking for ways to consolidate your physical infrastructure and hardware and to reduce power, cooling and upgrade expenses, virtualisation should exist in your strategy.

We can help you create your ideal IT environment by virtualising your entire data centre. By consolidating your physical servers, storage and networking hardware, you can look forward to improved asset utilisation, reduced costs and better service delivery.

As with all the solutions we offer, virtualisation is designed to remove some of the time and resources traditionally expended on maintenance and management. By moving to more autonomic computing systems that we can take care of on your behalf, you can dedicate more time and resources to your business.

Business continuity is about ensuring your mission-critical functions are resilient to disruption, easily recoverable and covered by the right contingency plans.

Protect your business from server or media failure with an off-site backup that will make sure any lost service or data is replaced in near real-time. We can help you identify the key aspects of your products and services that are needed to keep your business running when things go wrong. We’ll then devise the right plan and strategy that will enable your operations to recover quickly and effectively from any disruption regardless of size or cause.

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