Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in giving something back, whether it’s to our staff, our customers or our community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to our direct financial support, we often donate and volunteer our time to good causes. Whether it’s donating our VIP suite at London’s O2 arena as a prize, or taking part in fundraising events as a team, we like to be connected with and directly contributing to the good causes that are important to us.

Enviromental Policy

Conscious of the planet and its limited resources, we constantly strive to reduce our energy consumption and emissions in each sector we operate in, specifically
recognising our operations and activity, in terms of the
effect on the environment.


At FLR Spectron it is important to us that we give back to the community which is why we take pride in the provision academic development. We have an established relationship as Business Ambassadors with local schools through the
Education Business Partnership scheme in Bromley.


We are proud to have been recognised for the contributions we make towards the community, as well as our performance as an employer and a business through the multiple awards we have received.


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