PCI compliance is something to shout about, but your customers' card details aren't!

Secured by Semafone

Your company depends on taking payments, however, without the right security protocols, you could put customers’ and your own sensitive data at risk. Data breaches, fraud, theft are becoming more advance, frequent and of substantial size. According to a 2018 Ponemon study, the average cost of a individual data breach is nearly £3 million, which includes missed business opportunities due to reputational damage. While PCI DSS intends to help you reduce thee risks, adding an extra layer of defence is vital in the survival of your business.

Fantastic Security

Even on call recordings, a customer’s card numbers are completely safe. The contact centre agent cannot hear or see their card numbers and call recordings do not capture either the long number on the front of the card or the three or four-figure security code. The agent’s computer screen only shows asterisks and the last four digits of the customer’s card number. Card numbers aren’t recorded or processed on the contact centre system anywhere either – this allows customers telephone keypad to have direct access to their bank via a payment service provider. Semafone is completely PCI DSS compliant for you and all of your colleagues.

Semafone can help by:

✔Reducing risk and securing sensitive customer payment data

✔Taking your entire contact centre out of scope of PCI DSS

✔Reducing average handling times (AHT) and increasing first contact resolution (FCR)

✔Protecting your valuable company reputation

✔Delivering significant return on investment (ROI)

✔Providing unparalleled customer service

✔Preventing DTMF bleed and keeping dial tones off call recordings


The most secure solution.

Three Simple Steps


1. Agent enables secure mode.


2. Customer uses their telephone keypad to enter their sensitive data.


3. Resume the call once payment has processed.

What are the Benefits?

  • Safer shopping over the phone – protecting them against credit card theft & unauthorised use
  • Peace of mind – they can have confidence that your company has made their security a priority
  • Simplicity to pay over the telephone when payments are secure

Customers will come to know and expect that their payment data will be protected during telephone transactions. This will give your brand a competitive advantage against those companies that don’t offer a secure payment option.

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For Your Customers


Semafone’s patented data capturing method utilises dual-tone multi-frequency masking, replacing key tones with flat pitch sounds as the customer inputs their data. If the caller is unwilling or unable to share their payment details using their telephone keypad, our automated speech recognition solution can also provide a suitable solution. The agent cannot decipher the numbers in any way shape or form and is able to stay on the line in full voice communication with the customer throughout the entire transaction.

For Your Agents


With Semafone, your staff no longer need to work in environments with stringent, draconian security measures, like the use of “clean rooms” where agents cannot have mobile phones, writing equipment, paper or even bags. These restrictions have a negative effect on employee morale and job satisfaction, leading to high staff turnover. Because agents do not have access to sensitive payment data, they can freely access tools, like webchat and social media, that improve the working environment and help to deliver superior customer service.

For You


Semafone is scalable, flexible and resilient, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing telephony. The solution’s integration with your PSP ensures rapid deployment and minimum disruption to your business, and there is no need to upgrade or change your CRM systems or call recording technology. Cardprotect Voice+ also helps with call recording dilemmas. Some industries, including the government and financial services sectors, require a complete and full recording of phone conversations. 

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