Call Recording

Recording is available as part of our many cost effective 1-Voice phone systems.

Call Recording

Call recording is available as part of our many cost effective 1-Voice phone systems. Because our offers start with entry level inbound only call recording (using 0800 or 03xx numbers) and scales to fully PCI compliant inbound and outbound for clients requiring this level of security and encryption, we have a
solution to meet your budget and needs

Call Recording | FLR Spectron

1-Voice recordings

1-Voice recordings can be stored securely in the cloud or, conversely, on premise if preferred. In this case, if storing in the cloud, it removes the hassle and cost of onsite storage or potential server upgrades.

With a choice of storage plans available, from 30 days to 7 years you can select the one that is right for you and your business.
The user-friendly yet undeniably powerful, real time portal provided offers numberous benefits. Thus, it allows you to utilise recordings for training purposes, In addition, you can recordings directly to a client in a dispute, or upload to your compatible CRM software. Supervisors can make notes against recordings and can also listen in live to monitor staff performance levels.

informative 1-Voice call recording

The informative 1-Voice call recording dashboard doubles as a call-logging solution for many clients, providing real-time as well as historic reporting for users and their daily performance.

Therefore, to conclude, no matter how big your business is, you can benefit from our 1-Voice call recording solutions. In short, We will find the right fit for your needs so you can benefit from improved customer service and staff training.

Call Recording | FLR Spectron

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