Bespoke blogs, case studies, news articles, videos, and other content to attract your target audience and customers.


As content marketing pervades every aspect of a business, from social media to website development and everything in between, it has become central to digital marketing efforts. At FLR Technology, we work with you to develop an effective content marketing strategy by creating, publishing and sharing engaging content to attract new customers, sell products or services, and increase your company’s online visibility, without coming off as promotional.


We understand that great websites need persuasive and interactive content. As such, we engage your visitors with crisp and compelling content that is SEO-optimised, research-based and checked for accuracy. We also focus on targeted web content, banners, and ad copywriting for different stages of the buyer’s journey.


The primary goal of blogs is to acquire customers and engage and educate your current customers. We understand this, and write our blogs after thorough research, offering unique content with statistics and real insights so that more people link back to you. The content is kept short, succinct, with click-worthy headlines and reviewed for language and factual errors before publication.

Video marketing is essential in a search engine-driven world. From explainer videos to animation services, we brainstorm with you to determine the type of videos best suited to your overarching goals. We then work to produce high-quality videos that allow your brand to reach prospective buyers, engage with and convert them.

Infographics are popular and effective as they make data more interesting and easier to remember or share. At flr technology, we analyse, visualise and summarise your data to create an apt title, succinct body copy and crisp explanatory text to develop a great infographic design that stands out and reinforces your brand identity.

Case studies are a great way to highlight features or specifications that helped you achieve success. After reviewing the available literature, we understand the facts of the case and interview stakeholders to get anecdotes and insights. Finally, our content specialists stitch the background, achievements, and testimonials together to deliver high-quality case studies that can convince customers better than sales pitches ever would.

Statistics show that readers trust news more than advertising, and press releases are a great way to educate your readers using a medium they are likely to believe. At Spectron, we have experience zeroing-in on the right news peg and crafting news stories that are insightful and compelling to give you much-needed media exposure. In the case of online releases, we ensure that your landing pages relate directly to the press release while also optimising them for search and social media.



Initial Analysis
Depending on your business goal, whether it is to drive sales, create awareness, get more followers on social media, etc., we deep-dive into what kind of content would best serve the purpose-whether it is blogs, video content, press releases, website content or case studies-and work on a content roadmap.
Once we determine the purpose, we zero in on the specific audiences for whom you will create the content, their needs, and what their content engagement cycle might look like to decide what kind of content they would best engage with.
Content Strategy
Once we have studied your business goals and target audience, we analyse your competition and ranking opportunities and work out the most effective content strategy for you, focusing on creating content that inspires, informs and satisfies to bring your brand to life digitally, so you can attract more traffic and achieve a higher RoIl.
Analysis & Reporting
Finally, we track all our content to see how it's performing, where it's lacking and how we can improve on it. You will have access to all our tracked conversions and actionable metrics in line with our KPIs, which will then be analyse so we understand where opportunities for improvement lie — and the best path to achieve those improvements.
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How does Content marketing work for your business?

Today, customers no longer believe everything they see in an ad. They are more driven by organic content, allowing non-salesy content to shape their journey. This is where content marketing plays a key role–in establishing this trust and influencing people along their buying journey.

Content marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach new customers. It helps you build trust with your audience by offering them useful, actionable content that they need to solve their pain points, connect with them, generate leads and improve conversions.

Why choose FLR Technology for content marketing services?

At FLR Technology, we have experience working with numerous global clients, supporting them with a wide variety of content writing requirements and with the development of their content strategy and calendars. We believe content is only as good as its reach, ranking and impact, and hence, we ensure your content reaches and resonates with your target audiences through strategically aligned content marketing campaigns that are designed to drive growth. We do this by hiring experienced and professional content writers who always stay focused on your goals of customer conversion and engagement.


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