Online Reputation Management

Strategic tools to monitor brand mentions and conduct sentiment analysis and manage your online reputation.
Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation serves as a trust indicator that influences if prospects will do business with you. Neglecting your online reputation can make your business vulnerable to rumours, misinformation including fake online reviews and unresolved customer complaints. Our professional Online Reputation Management (ORM) services is unique to your branding and goals and helps you control how your business is depicted online. We streamline your internet reputation repair process, minimise your online reputation risks and help you foster positive brand sentiment.

Our Online Reputation Management Services


We conduct an extensive online reputation audit to uncover how people see you online and the issues you face in challenging that view. We use advanced tools, Google mentions, and manual checks to ascertain the gaps in your online reputation and determine the way ahead.

We understand the critical aspects of your business and services and analyse your customer sentiments to determine their concerns and issues. We then identify if the intention behind the sentiment relates to an opinion, news, marketing, complaint, suggestion, appreciation or query. The analysis allows us to understand the more comprehensive public opinion on specific services you offer and the much-needed insights on your customers.

We examine any negative content, images and videos to derive the most suitable action. We arbitrate the gravity of the situation and decide whether the issue can be neutralised with a response or resolved privately. If there is any defamatory or unsubstantiated content about your business or brand, we submit removal applications with Google and other search engines to remove the harmful content and control the damage.

We set alerts to monitor any new review about your business, whether positive or negative, so we can take appropriate steps and respond promptly. To ensure your best intentions come across well, we collaborate with you to formulate responses for reviews and comments by establishing your tone and brand voice.

We constantly monitor your online presence, including mentions, sentiments, coverage, social media mentions and reviews. We also generate monthly reports of the various activities and actions taken on the different ORM platforms.


Why does your business need ORM?

According to statistics, nearly three of four consumers trust a company more if it has positive reviews, while 60% say that negative thoughts turn them away from a business. ORM can help in this regard by allowing you to create and maintain a positive online image so that any attacks on your business or brand are easily deflected and minimised in prominence. It also helps remove personal addresses and other data from public databases.

Why choose FLR Technology for ORM Services?

We provide tailored ORM services depending on your needs and requirements. Our ORM strategy determines the gaps in your online reputation and addresses them at the earliest to steer clear of any negative impact on your business. We integrate a well-rounded strategy that includes brand monitoring, advanced SEO, developing a solid social media presence and leveraging advertising platforms to clean up your internet reputation, encourage positive reviews and a better online reputation.

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