Social Media Marketing Services

Custom campaigns for social media and strategies to manage your brand and engage you with your followers.

Social Media Marketing Services

As social media usage grows exponentially, businesses must determine how to use this platform effectively to reach target audiences and create brand awareness. With our vast experience and knowledge of social media marketing, we can guide you swiftly through the process, helping you connect your brand with the right audiences and create an effective SMM strategy that’s aligned with your goals.


We begin by conducting an in-depth audit of your current and past social media timeline, as well as those of your leading competitors. This allows us to identify prior successes or content categories that saw a measurable uplift in engagement. We also determine your social media objectives, identifying the audiences you’re looking to improve engagement with, as well as a plan on how to increase your followers among those audiences.

Through in-depth research, we understand your target audience and build a strong personality profile of the kind of tone they would best respond to, as well as the most relevant social platforms to target. We don’t just create a presence across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. We determine the most relevant social media platforms in your industry and then craft engaging content that appeals directly to the interests and preferences of your audience on the platforms where they spend the most time.

To help us create specific and data-driven social media reports for all of your social media activities, we focus on setting key performance indicators (KPI), which could be reach, engagement, conversion or even customer satisfaction KPIs, depending on your company’s overarching business goals and then track them religiously, while leaving room for evaluation and re-evaluation.

We don’t just post content. We develop a compelling and insightful content strategy after thorough research, exploring what type of content will receive the most engagement in your industry, as well as any trending topics or stories that are relevant to your brand and audience. We do this by maintaining a social media calendar with topics, posts, graphics and video content planned well in advance while also setting aside additional time for any unplanned and last-minute posts.

We believe in a transparent approach with our clients, and as such, our social media reports highlight all aspects of your current performance. From high-level data such as the total new followers, engagements and website traffic, we go deeper to showcase metrics breakdown charts and audience insights while listing ideas for strategic improvement. We also optimise your future posts based on the data from the analytics.


How does Social Media Management work for your business

With over half of the world’s population using social media, it’s the best place to reach new and highly targeted potential customers, introduce your brand and highlight the more humane side of your business. This acts as a touchpoint for customers to understand more about you and your business before purchasing from you.

By consistently posting engaging and useful content on your social platforms, customers are more likely to look into what else your business website has to offer, leading to increased traffic and a high ROI.

Why Choose FLR Technology for Social Media Management Services?

In today’s digital landscape, users want everything customised for them. Keeping this in mind, we ensure our campaigns are developed to talk to individuals, instead of audiences or groups.

With our in-depth knowledge of each social platform, we understand what type of posts draw the most customer engagement and post frequently, ensuring all interaction is authentic, aligned with your brand and part of a long-term strategy. What also sets our SMM services apart is our ability to combine the power of social media with social data to maximise your ROI.

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