SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking bridges legacy and next-generation voice technology

SIP Trunks

1-Voice SIP Trunking offers businesses with existing IP Telephone systems “investment protection” in effect. In other words, it allows them to utilise their hardware, including current handsets.

SIP Trunking bridges

Significantly, SIP Trunking bridges legacy and next-generation voice technology. Moreover, it provides a simple first step toward unified communications without any significant disruption. Therefore, it’s the ideal replacement for ISDN lines, offering greater flexibility and business continuity as standard.

Businesses need to replace legacy ISDN30e / ISDN2e and PSTN Circuits simultaneously. Which is why BT has announced the withdrawal of ISDN lines in circa 2020. 1-Voice SIP trunks are undoubtedly a low cost and flexible interim option. Currently, they are part of a Mixed Estate with 1-Voice hosted Phones. Also, our 1-Voice SIPs and can be overlaid with analytics and call recording.

1-Voice SIP

1-Voice SIP users can also benefit from a range of mobility applications. It can be used by employees to work comfortably from home or any other location with 4G or wi-fi coverage. In addition, it is a good solution for businesses looking to stage their approach to a fully Hosted system. Thus they can use 1-Voice SIP as their first stage into the journey. Therefore allowing for the continued utilisation of existing handsets and compatible on-premise systems at the same time. For example, Avaya IP Office, Cisco Call Manager, Samsung OfficeServ, Panasonic NS.

In summary, 1-Voice SIP channels can be up to 75% cheaper than traditional PSTN and ISDN lines in setup alone. Notably, if your business has an IP PBX installed. 1-Voice SIP trunking will allow you to experience HD call quality and provide significant savings.

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