4 reasons why your business needs FLR Smart Wall Boards

From individual apps that employees use to enterprise cloud-based solutions, technology has changed the way people do business. This is happening across every vertical, from banking and government to retail, healthcare, education, and more.

In the conference room, advanced technology solutions for 21st-century conferencing have also emerged. 

The FLR Smart Wall Boards for business are a prime example. They provide an intuitive, hassle-free experience not just for the people who host meetings and give presentations but also for those who attend, whether from the same room or remotely.

The wall boards have proven to elevate meetings, enhance presentations, and impress potential clients. Aditionally, they offer the convenience of meeting, collaborating, and presenting from anywhere, with no additional boards necessary.

Below are four major ways how FLR Smart Wall Boards are helping businesses:

Collaborative meetings

Unlike one-way presentations, smart wall boards allow meeting participants to engage with the information while being presented and discussed. Through the use of smart wall boards, files can be easily accessed and shared, thereby saving time. In addition, a smartboard allows for real-time interaction as a presentation is being given.

More engagement from remote employees

Given the ongoing pandemic and the increasing internationalisation and globalisation of businesses, remote employees have become important players in companies and industries. Smart wall boards make it simpler for remote stakeholders, consultants, and employees from various branches across the company to share content. FLR SMART Board Pro’s interactive displays integrate with your existing environment and platforms, allowing teams to effortlessly connect their devices, computers and peripherals, digital tools, and content to allow contributions from remote employees.

Simple user interface

Smart wall boards provide teams with an interactive display that is so natural and intuitive that they can utilise it immediately. FLR SMART interactive displays have the unique ability to identify various pens, touches, gestures, and objects without the need for distracting tool selection menus or annoying interaction conflicts, resulting in lower user barriers and fewer support calls.

Improved video conferencing

FLR SMART Board Pro displays are compatible with UVC cameras, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and other major UC&C platforms. You can wirelessly share up to four screens on the display using native and app-based screen sharing for a cable-free experience. FLR SMART Board Pro is engineered for simplicity, allowing new and infrequent users to join and interact with ease.

FLR SMART’s future-ready enterprise solutions, designed for the future of modern enterprises, are well suited to a wide range of sectors and applications and are priced to fit any budget. With FLR SMART Board Pro interactive displays, you can turn any location into a global collaboration hub, hold better meetings, improve training, and so much more. Visit https://www.flrs.co.uk/telecoms/smart-wall-boards/ to learn more about how our smart wall boards can help your business.