How to minimise disruption when renovating your office

An office refurbishment can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if the work is being carried out in a building that must remain operational. Your ideal project can quickly turn troublesome if adequate care and attention aren’t paid to ensure that interruption is kept to a minimum. While it’s almost impossible to take on an office refurbishment without causing some disruption to daily operations, there are some steps organisations can take to minimise it as much as possible.

1. Set a timeline

One thing that causes significant disruptions is missed deadlines. It’s important to get your office back up and running as quickly as possible, and that means creating a project timeline that you can plan around. Even if you can execute the makeover in stages and your employees can continue working while the space is being remodelled, it will be a time-consuming procedure. Therefore, everyone must know the timelines before the renovation starts and understand when the work will be completed.

2. Keep your employees informed

Depending on the size of the office, a renovation can affect hundreds of people. When they are left in the dark about what’s happening, it can create unnecessary confusion. Hence, your employees must be kept informed of the proposed refurbishment and timelines. This can be done through weekly meetings with key stakeholders from each department, where they get updates to be shared with their teams. Questions from employees, if any, are also answered.

3. Get the refurbishment done during non-business hours

Renovating your workplace without a clear plan can undoubtedly cause significant disruptions to your office operations. Drilling or hammering in the background can make it impossible to hear phone calls clearly, disrupt meetings with clients and affect your business. Speak to the organisation you’re working with about putting together a plan that ensures noisy repairs and labour work are scheduled for after-office hours to reduce disruption to the staff. You could also speak to the organisation about weekend work to avoid the weekdays when the office is abuzz with employees and clients.

4. Simplify plans

If ensuring minimal disruption to your team is the top priority, you can try simplifying the project by opting for materials and products that are quicker and easier to install. Eliminating steps from the installation process can reduce delays and potential complications.

5. Hire a skilled refurbishment professional

When you hire an office refurbishment team like FLR Interiors, your office renovation is far more likely to be completed within the proposed timelines. You could also arrange to have projects executed outside of working hours or in stages to minimise interruption to employees during the transformation. FLR Interiors can also help with a contingency plan to

prevent sudden setbacks that could affect your timeline, budget and cause further disruptions.

If you’re thinking about an office renovation but are concerned about the disruption it will cause, get in touch with us today. We can talk you through our refurbishment process and take steps to ensure minimal disruption to your business.