4 Reasons You Need a Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan 

Data loss could prove costly for an enterprise. A single occurrence or incident can completely disrupt company operations, resulting in significant financial losses. According to a study conducted by the Sys Group, 93% of companies without a disaster recovery plan who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.  

It’s no wonder then, that businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions. Many cloud systems provide data storage infrastructure as well as tools for managing backup and disaster recovery processes.  

A cloud-based backup and disaster recovery plan also ensures: 

Guaranteed Data Recovery 

In case of natural or manmade disasters, you can rest assured that your data is safe in the cloud. According to FEMA, more than 40% of businesses never recover from a natural disaster. A disk-based cloud server automatically transfers data off-site for data protection and recovery. So, regardless of the extent of the disaster disrupting your operations, whether hurricanes and wildfires outside or minor fires and burst pipes in the building, you can regain control over your data instantly. 

Increased Work Efficiency 

Data backup is time-consuming and can be complicated. You may have a small IT team, who instead of focusing on manual data backups, can be better put to use on strategic projects that are critical to your business. On the other hand, cloud disaster recovery solutions not only take backups automatically but also give your IT staff the tools they need to manage and monitor all areas of server data security.  

Flexible Environment, Reduced Downtime

The cloud offers flexibility as businesses have more options when deploying a cloud environment, including the ability to scale environments up or down to suit their individual data needs. Cloud-based solutions help you get your crucial data and systems back online much quicker during an IT disaster, unlike traditional recovery methods which utilise numerous manual processes. 

Cost Reduction

An increasing number of enterprises are turning away from traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions as these require large investments in infrastructure and acquiring software licenses for specific servers.  With cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, you are spared from software, media, backup hardware, or maintenance costs and only need to pay the service provider a monthly fee to look after the entire infrastructure. Apart from allowing you to protect your applications and data with controlled, predictable investments, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery also improves business resiliency and continuity and protects operations from downtime and data loss. 

Whether caused by malware or ransomware, natural disasters, human errors, software errors, or even hardware failures, the threat of an IT disaster is always looming large. While we can’t predict the next disaster, at FLR Technology, we can help you prepare for it with our secure, high-speed, flexible, and accessible cloud storage and backup services. If you want to know more read about our cloud services or get in touch with us at info@flrs.co.uk