5 reasons you need to invest in an intruder alarm system

To protect your property from burglary, vandalism, damage, and, of course, ensure the security of the individuals inside the building, it is critical to have an intruder alarm system installed.

Research shows that the UK reported 96.4 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants from 2019 to 2020. The number of crimes in the country has progressively increased from 4.4 million in 2013-14 to 6.43 million in 2019-2020.

Given the above statistics, installing an intruder alarm system offers several benefits. These include:

1. Preventing potential break-ins

One of the most significant advantages of installing an intruder alarm on your property is to prevent a break-in. In the UK, 63% of burglaries occur in properties without a security system in place. Burglars have reported avoiding tough break-ins that are likely to draw attention. Ex-convicts have also admitted that a home with a smart security system would stop them from committing a crime. By installing a visible intruder alarm and/or security system at your home or workplace, you are making it tougher for attackers to break in.

2. Cost-effective and suitable for varied budgets

Intruder alarm systems are reasonably priced, and when you buy one from a reputable security provider like FLR Spectron, you are guaranteed not only the highest quality devices but also our complete assistance. We meet all security needs with a variety of models to pick from.

3.Allows you remote access

When you’re not at home or your office premises, modern security systems allow you to remotely monitor what’s going on via your phone. The alarm system helps you gain access to your secured premise through an app that will enable you to control the system from your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. You will receive a real-time warning whenever any activity is detected at your home, allowing you to monitor the situation and your property.

4.Offers on-premise automation

Your intruder alarm system can provide more than protection; it can also provide a secure platform for home automation features. Different features can potentially be programmed to work together to make your home or workplace safer. Take, for example, smart lighting. When your hallway motion detector is triggered at night, you can program your smart lights to switch on.

5.Keeps your mind at ease

Intruder alarms offer peace of mind while you are away from home or any other location where they are installed. This is critical, especially if you are on vacation. You will be at ease knowing that your home is safe and secure. When someone unauthorised enters, the alarm is typically activated, and the owner is promptly notified, a great mechanism, especially in remote places where neighbours may not be available during an emergency.

At FLR Fire & Security, we work with some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers to offer the widest range of alarms to fit your budget, as well as the extensive remote monitoring of all systems. If you’d like to know more about how our monitored intruder alarms can keep your home or office safe and give you peace of mind, get in touch with us today.