Creating a fantastic place to work

Creating a great place to work is more involved than you may initially think. Office Interior Design should incorporate both the organisation’s identity and its culture. The way we interact with one another impacts our first impressions, working relationships and your brand’s overall trust – your place of work will also represent your culture, values, and the way you treat your employees. All admirable qualities in producing a progressive moving company looking to grow further. So, what does your office say about your company?

Office Interior Design starts at the door

A client’s first impression of your company begins when they walk through the door. Even if they have previously worked with you or interacted with your employees, seeing your offices will still significantly contribute to the way they perceive you. Beginning with the little things. From the way your desks are aligned, how much natural light is there to are there office plants visible? All these little things – and many more – are the foundation block of your organisational culture.

Anyone, employee, or visitor quickly see them. Most importantly, they are what influences perceptions and productivity within the company. When businesses recognise the values of good working culture, only then do they progress their employee productivity and brand morale. Branding is, of course, a component of office design. Most company owners put efforts into ads, website design and publications. Branding extends beyond this, and it has a massive influence on how productive your employees are.

Quality recognises quality

According to recent test research, 25% of job satisfaction is due to the overall working environment. The office space can affect individual employee performance by 5% and team performance by 11%. Therefore, it’s essential to take extra time within office design. In some cases, yes, added design qualities bring additional expenses. However, it is an additional expense that has been proven to pay off. When you use a quality interiors design team, you don’t pay for pretty colours. You pay for excellent company culture.

Companies are no longer alone on this subject; companies like FLR Interiors specialise in space management, office design, electrical planning, and aesthetic design. Therefore, everything in the office – from chairs and walls to plants-will all be planned not only to look great but also to work great and tell your brand’s story. Authentic design makes customers and employees combined feel inspired, supported, welcomed and engaged every time they are on site.

How do you design an environment that reflects your company culture?

Plan! Define what the company stand for, then design the workspace out from this. The culture is rooted in needs. Do employee surveys and incorporate their needs into the culture of your environment. Your working space should push their productivity, emotional/physical wellbeing, daily interaction, overall morale, and company financial success. You are setting a stage for guest perception.

A few pointers for you to get started:

  • Choose colours carefully and ensure the office has natural light.
  • Bring the outdoors into the office by incorporating nature. This is a proven method of increasing performance, increasing happiness levels, and reducing stress.
  • Allow employees to personalise their workspaces, again, can lead to an increase in employee happiness.
  • Incorporate flexible workspaces, ergonomically designed furniture, sit and standing desks. Think about private workspaces, collaborative spaces, and break rooms.

If you need more assistance on Office Interior Design or relating areas, do not hesitate on contacting the experts. FLR Interiors specialise in creating office environments that inspire creativity, increase productivity, and represent your brand’s culture. If you need more information or details within Office Design, see our website at or contact today.