Thinking of investing in a cold room? 7 reasons why it’s the right decision for you

Depending on the type of storage required—whether it is for the food industry or various other sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the medical fields– cold rooms are always a good choice as they keep items much cooler than regular room temperature. These rooms can maintain temperatures ranging from -50°C to 15°C.

Cold rooms offer several other benefits for your business, which include: 

1Temperature control

The temperature of a cold room is completely adjustable, and it monitors and maintains the temperature to prevent goods from deteriorating or dehumidifying. The temperature can be adjusted to switch from a drying room that can control the moisture content of products being stored to a blast freezer. Custom units are frequently equipped with the appropriate refrigerant system to meet your specific requirements. 


One of the major benefits of bulk cold storage is that it saves you a large amount of money. For the food industry, the primary concerns include cost-effectiveness and the longevity of products. Since cold rooms keep spoilage of produce to a minimum, they save a lot of money. There have also been a number of recent developments in cold room technology, one of which includes gas-controlled storage, which keeps the pressure as low as 0.8 bar, saving energy.

3. Increase your storage space

Commercial cold rooms offer more storage per square foot than traditional refrigerators and freezers and allow you to store larger quantities in a smaller space. If you’re thinking of investing in a few refrigerators and freezers for your commercial kitchen to keep your stock chilled, the number required will take up far more space than a single cold room will.

4. Accessibility and backup capabilities

The airtight construction of a cold room allows the temperature of the area to remain at a lower and more consistent temperature for longer. In the event of an electrical outage, you’ll be able to store more products for longer.

5Easier transportation of products

Poultry, dairy products, frozen goods, and other items must be moved from storage to distribution and retail outlets, and this cannot be done at normal temperatures. Such products can deteriorate and become unmarketable even with slight temperature changes. Highly reactive substances that would normally be impossible to carry are also transported using portable cold room units.

6. Storage space for chemicals

Many substances are prone to volatile reactions in the chemical industry and need to be stored at a consistent temperature. Other advantages include the possibility of keeping certain compounds like explosives and natural rubber for long periods at a low temperature, which could otherwise decompose or evaporate at room temperature.

7. Enhance safety

You could face an electrical problem when you have too many units plugged in and running on the same power supply. Installing a commercial cold room reduces the risk of a fire or an electrical issue, it’s a safer option than having several small chillers, refrigerators and freezers running at once. At FLR Cooling, we take care of cold room installation and maintenance services across London  . Using our extensive knowledge of cold room technology and refrigeration, we can advise you on the most innovative and cost-effective cold storage solution for you. Whether you want to learn more about our bespoke cold storage solutions or understand the technicalities of a modular cold room, don’t hesitate to contact us today. To learn more about our services, visit