5 reasons your business needs Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-geographic numbers (NGN) are phone numbers that are easily identifiable because they have the same format as national phone numbers. They were previously used for services that were unavailable on conventional landline numbers. NGNs are now used to call for information, vote on television shows, make payments, and call businesses.

They are available across the country and don’t have a city prefix. While these figures are of little use to individuals, they are extremely profitable for companies with consumers all over the country. These virtual phone numbers can be utilised regardless of where your company is based in the United Kingdom.

NGNs can be mapped to any existing phone number and even routed globally, ensuring that you never miss another critical call. Furthermore, your consumers will see these numbers as domestic numbers regardless of where they call from, making it convenient for them to reach your company at any time.

Here are a few ways NGN can benefit your business:

1. Increase your customer base

Have you ever considered that you may be restricting your target market by using a local landline number? An NGN, on the other hand, promotes the fact that you provide a countrywide service, enticing customers from all across the country to contact you.

2. Build trust

Using an NGN, regardless of how small your company is, instantly establishes a professional image. Free-to-call prefixes like 0800 or 0808 can often inspire customer trust and are frequently the preferred option for customer service or support lines.

3. Promote freedom and flexibility

Calls are quickly routed to designated numbers rather than a single set location, allowing you to speak with callers no matter where you are.

Furthermore, the ability to route calls to as many numbers as you choose provides you with the flexibility and freedom to always be reachable without being bound by a single number. NGNs eliminate the need for different phone numbers for each location by providing companies with a single business phone number that may be sent to numerous departments or locations as needed. This not only saves time and money but also eliminates client confusion, as they may choose to look elsewhere if they are unsure whom to contact.

4. Enhance professionalism

NGNs provide you with complete control over your incoming calls while presenting a strong brand image across the country. Customers are often hesitant to dial a fixed location number because they believe it signifies the service will be too far away or insufficiently established. NGNs can help you establish a professional, corporate image while simultaneously ensuring that your services, not your location, are judged.

5. Easier access to global advertising

Because the number is not confined to a particular area, an NGN can offer many prospects for a business. This means companies can promote their products or services in numerous locations while utilising the same phone number, saving money on advertising and eliminating client bias towards specific areas.

At FLR Spectron, our NGN services come with stable pricing and the credibility that goes with transparency and service covering the breadth of the country.

We offer a same-day set-up for a seamless transition to allow your company to enjoy the independence of its new NGN without interruption. Our exceptional service and maintenance contracts will also provide your organisation with peace of mind. They will enable you to swiftly expand your business across the country without having to worry about set-up and location fees.

To learn more, email us at telecoms@flrs.co.uk.