Are Vehicle Tracking Devices Worth the Investment?

According to a survey conducted by Rewire Security, the Driving and Vehicle Licencing Agency has revealed that in the UK, 56,228 cars were stolen in the year 2019 with one vehicle being stolen every nine minutes.

Hence, it becomes imperative to safeguard your vehicle. While insurance can help with things like car theft, medical fees, and car repairs after an accident, a GPS tracker is a simple gadget that can help you protect and keep track of your car and its drivers. While installing a GPS tracker in a car sounds like something limited to only spies in movies, there are a number of compelling reasons you need to get one and why they are worth the investment.

1. Improved security

As vehicles are important assets in terms of cost, they are frequently targeted by unscrupulous thieves. A tracking system will allow any stolen car to be traced across the country, ensuring that it is returned as soon as possible. A tracking system is also useful for protecting the safety of your employees. This is especially true when a company employs a workforce that frequently works alone or in hazardous environments. The ability to discover an employee who is potentially in danger might save his/her life and shield the company from costly legal action.

2. Reduced fuel and operational costs

Telematics can help you design smarter routes, and save money on gas and other expenses. You can use the software to track and reduce car idling, for instance. Reducing idle time lowers fuel expenditure, which is often the biggest expense.

3. Planned vehicle maintenance

Telematics allows you to remotely detect and address vehicle maintenance concerns. Preventive maintenance can be scheduled using hours-of-service data. Real-time alerts can warn you when a vehicle fault code is detected, allowing you to address maintenance issues before they become more serious. This allows you to keep your vehicles on the road for longer, save money on repairs, and avoid major safety violations.

4. Promotes environmental sustainability

A vehicle tracking system can assist by providing information on your vehicles’ emissions, as well as shorter travel routes that conserve fuel. The tracking technology also alerts you to fuel exhaustion and CO2 emissions. This function allows you to get the most out of your vehicle. With a vehicle tracking system, you can quickly calculate carbon dioxide emissions. It also allows you to assess your vehicle’s environmental and operational performance.

5. Saves money on insurance

Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you install anti-theft technology in your car. By simply installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle, you can qualify for these discounts, lowering your monthly insurance payment and saving money. In fact, having a GPS gadget on a vehicle can help speed up the recovery of the stolen asset. This enhances the chances of finding the vehicle in a good condition and allowing you to put it back to service sooner rather than later.

At FLR Spectron, our licenced safe operations centre is where we conduct our complete and dependable Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking service. Our highly trained personnel and live alert systems collaborate with law enforcement to locate stolen automobiles and provide post-theft recovery services. To purchase vehicle tracking devices and begin reaping the benefits of a simple fleet tracking system, get in touch with us.