Your Quick Guide To Smart Interactive Screens

FLR SMART interactive screens are the perfect solution to today’s hybrid meeting environment. You can use all of your favourite apps in one spot and showcase them to a limitless audience anywhere around the globe.

FLR SMART interactive screens for businesses

While traditional and digital whiteboards are still in use in offices, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the introduction of virtual or online whiteboards for team collaboration. Virtual whiteboards don’t have the same constraints as physical whiteboards and have additional features that make collaboration meetings easier.

What are the benefits of smart interactive screens at work?

  • FLR SMART interactive screens improve meeting outcomes by enhancing digital collaboration and allowing teams to exchange and mark up all types of content, whether for training, operations, or collaboration.
  • With smart interactive screen devices, content and ideas are all connected through a central hub. These interactive displays integrate with your existing environment and platforms, allowing teams to effortlessly connect their devices, computers and peripherals, digital tools, and content to organise contributions from participants in and out of the office.
  • Smart interactive screens give your teams an interactive display that is so natural and intuitive that they can collaborate effectively.
  • The FLR SMART Interactive Screens have the unique ability to recognise various pens, touches, gestures, and objects without the necessity of distracting tool selection menus or annoying interaction conflicts, resulting in lower user barriers and fewer support calls.
  • When giving presentations, FLR SMART interactive screens work in tandem with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to provide you with the best whiteboard experience possible.

FLR SMART interactive screens are ideally suited to a wide range of sectors and applications and are priced to accommodate any budget. With FLR SMART Board Pro interactive displays, you can turn any room into a global collaboration hub, hold better meetings, improve training, and more.