Elevated Body Temperature Detectors

Our Elevated Body Temperature Screening Detectors can help to ensure your business is safe after lockdown.

Elevated Body Temperature Detectors

Have you put in place measures to ensure your staff and your business are Covid-Secure?
Our Elevated Body Temperature Detectors can help to ensure your business is safe after lockdown.

What we do

Businesses are at risk of ongoing interruption due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. However, we can help you manage the risks using our Elevated Body Temperature Detectors.

We can assist your business, staff and those entering your premises to meet the government’s Covid-Secure criteria. Such as wearing face masks and monitoring skin temperature.

For example, all our advanced EBT Detector systems provide:

  • One second to detect the skin surface temperature of a person
  • Multi-person detection
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediate alarming to notify operators
  • AI (advanced artificial intelligence technology) to reduce false alarms from other heat sources.

Support to your company

Most importantly, our EBT Detectors could limit the spread of infections and viruses. Although no camera can detect an infection directly, our Elevated Body Temperature Detectors enable initial skin temperature screening in public places. Primarily in area’s where the transmission rate is a risk, or potentially high. Furthermore, they can minimise the spread of infectious diseases, such as CoronaVirus and others.

In addition, our EBT Detector range can keep your workforce safe and your company ahead during these unprecedented times. For example, the products provide a fast and effective way to detect elevated skin surface temperatures of all persons entering a building or facility.

Organisations deploying this technology can help to provide a safe and secure working environment. As a result, maintaining a productive workforce. Moreover, all of our Elevated Body Temperature Detectors are fully automatic, contactless and accurate. They provide peace of mind to keep your business progressing.


Our range of EBT Detectors can quickly and effectively screen staff and visitors. Firstly, achieving rapid screening in public areas by measuring the surface temperature of the skin. Secondly, management can then make an informed decision on whether or not to allow an individual into the premises.

As a result, you can get your business prepared now and as we gradually begin to come out of lockdown over the coming months. Specifically for the safety and wellbeing of your employee’s, visitors and customers.

Ideal for:

  • Education environments
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Transport hubs
  • Businesses and utility companies
  • Retail
  • Social Venues
  • Construction and manufacturing
Products Square

Pricing Details

Temperature Measurement Walk-through Detector

Per Month – From £317*

Centralised Client Software Management
Laptop/PC Compatible
Accuracy ±0.5°C
±0.3°C (with Optional Blackbody)
Mask Detection
9 Metre Range
30 Targets

Facial Recognition Temperature

Per Month – From £140*

Centralised Client Software Management
Stand-alone Unit
Accuracy ±0.5°C
±0.3°C (With Optional Blackbody)
Mask Detection
1.2 Metre Range
1 Target

Handheld Body Temperature

Per Month – From £60*

Centralised Client Software Management
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Hik-Thermal App
2 Metre Range
1 Target

*Based on a 36 or 24-month contract, includes full maintenance and support, optional accidental damage cover, T’s & C’s apply



The Government recently provided an update on Covid19 stating we are through the peak of the virus but we need to remain stable. As a result, our aims in the UK are to:

  • Trace and test hundreds of thousands of people to slow down the infection
  • Work from home if possible, but go to work if it’s safe for you to do so
  • Protect the elderly in care homes
  • Reverse the epidemic in the NHS
  • Quarantine people coming into the country
  • Monitor and measure each phase as we slowly come out of lockdown

Therefore the government are proposing a three-phase road map to ensure the safety of the UK population. Most importantly, they are introducing steps to get back to work following Workplace Guidelines. Above all, ensuring business premises are Covid-Secure.

Government Plans

Meanwhile, to support your business and the Government plans, FLR Spectron can partner with you, for the provision of our entire product range. Ensuring
you make your business COVID-Secure.

For instance, we have devised a discounted rental scheme in order for you to spread the cost of the investment and the protection these products can provide. Consequently, the rental scheme will be entirely self-funded by FLR Spectron Ltd.

Moreover, as we are a direct partner with HikVision, we can bring you our Elevated Body Temperature Detectors at a significantly reduced cost. Supplied and fitted by our approved SSAIB engineers, as well as providing a full support package.

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