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It is a legal requirement for all non-domestic/commercial properties to equip their building with the correct firefighting equipment. It is also a requirement to ensure they are maintained annually. Simply installing portable fire equipment is not acceptable and could lead to severe penalties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The nominated appointed person responsible for fire safety in your premises (Responsible Person/Duty Holder) needs to demonstrate with due diligence they have sourced a quality provider for the installation, service, and maintenance of your portable fire equipment.

If you are an employer, owner, occupier, or anyone with control of the premises, you are known as the ‘responsible person’. You are responsible for the fire safety of the premises in the business and other non-domestic premises. We understand your responsibilities to protect your staff, the public and your assets, hence we make it incredibly easy for your business to ensure you’re compliant with the UK legislation. Our team of experts have supported businesses like yours for over a decade –
We believe in safety first and that your safety is our responsibility.


Determine if your site complies with UK’s fire legislation
Help to check those extinguishers and other fire safety provisions
Written recommendations for effective cost savings
False fire alarms, to understanding fire legislation

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