Hearing Loop Systems

Our hearing loop equipment includes the UK’s widest range of induction loop amplifiers, microphones, connector plates and test equipment.

Hearing Loop Systems

Induction Loop systems (often known as AFILS or Hearing Loops) are a legal requirement for many businesses. These assistive devices ensure an environment is as inclusive as possible for visitors who may be hard of hearing.

Hearing Loop

Introduction to hearing loops

Designed to allow hearing aid users to participate fully in conversation and other activities. The range includes a variety of cost-effective kits for use in a wide range of business scenarios – all exceeding the requirements of current British Standards when professionally installed.

Our hearing loop equipment is the perfect choice for restricted person-to-person contact in a variety of businesses including banks, post offices and ticket booths whilst being fully portable.

How does a hearing loop system work?

Hearing loops operate from audio frequencies. The signal from an audio source is fed into a hearing loop amplifier, which amplifies and sets the signal level in the same way as a conventional amplifier. Instead of going to a loudspeaker, the signal is fed to a closed loop of cable usually placed around the room’s perimeter (although other, more sophisticated ‘loop patterns’ can be employed). Using a constant current amplifier ensures the current is maintained at the set level whilst providing a flat frequency response without equalisation.

The current flowing through the loop makes a magnetic field that radiates in the space around the loop cable. Any lines of magnetic flux that pass to the telecoil in a receiver, such as a hearing aid, will generate a current in the coil that is then converted back to audio and fed into the user’s ear.

MainElements of Hearing Loop
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Benefits of Hearing Loops

  • Unwanted sounds such as other conversations and background noise are not picked up.
  • No special receivers are required – telecoils are fitted as standard in most hearing aids or are an inexpensive option.
  • Magnetic induction tends to be more reliable and effective than other systems (infrared, for example, is a line of sight only).
  • Modern hearing aids amplify different bands by different amounts to suit a user’s specific hearing requirements.
  • Users do not have to reveal the fact they are hearing impaired.

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