FLR Fire & Security’s portfolio of fire solutions are designed to detect fire and enable time to escape and alert the appropriate support services.


Last year there were 539,225 Fire and Rescue call-outs in the UK alone. Although this was a 3% decrease in comparison to the previous working year, this number is still of substantial mass. Fire safety is not something to be ignored, amongst these call-outs, there were 408 fatalities and 6,596 non-fatal casualties. FLR Fire & Security can help keep your fire threat level to a minimum, increasing the rate of escape and avoidance dramatically.

Installation and commissioning with our build-in maintenance packages and monitoring services. FLR Fire & Security will work in partnership with our clients to provide them with a fully compliant risk to life fire alarm system, fully certificated for our customer’s insurers and end-users peace of mind. 

A fire alarm system has several devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances.
Our fire extinguishers are suited to your premises and needs, certified to British legal requirements.
Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and any normal illumination fails.
Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems are installed within buildings where there is a need to provide clear, concise spoken messages either for general day to day messages or in the event of an emergency to safely evacuate occupants.
Emergency Voice Communication Systems cover fire telephone and disabled refuge systems, as well as integrating emergency assist alarm systems.
Our hearing loop equipment includes the UK's widest range of induction loop amplifiers, microphones, connector plates and test equipment.
Fire Extinguishers save lives | FLR Blog

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